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Rainbow Flight
Much more than kites


SINGLE LINE: These are designed for basic kites. All are supplied on halo spools with a snap/swivel.
#86. No.0 line 10lb twisted polyester, 50m..........$2.00
#86. No.1 line 15lb twisted nylon, 50m...............$3.00
#87. No.2 line 30lb twisted nylon, 75m...............$6.00
#88. No.3 line 50lb twisted nylon, 75m...............$6.00
#89. No.4 line 30lb braided dacron, 25m. For basic stunters....$6.00
Call for custom lengths on quality braided dacron line from 30 to 500lb.

MULTI LINES: These are line sets for 2 - 4 line kites of pre-set lengths on winders and with handles. Custom sets are available on request, from 10lb Micro Spectra on up.
#90. 80lb braided dacron on basic wooden Strobe Stix handles, as
         supplied with the Whizzer.75'.........................$22.00
#91. 80lb Sport Spectra. Spectra with a dacron trace, more stretch but 
       can be tied ,or looped without sleeving on basic wooden stobe stix
       75'...$35.00, on flat winder and flightstraps.80'..................$45.00
#92. 150lb Sport Spectra.80' on flat winder and flight straps....$65.00
#93. 50lb Spectra. The best line for small stunters, or even large sport
        kites in low/no wind.75'..........................$35.00
#94. 90lb Spectra.80'on flat winder and flight straps...$55.00
#95. 150lb Spectra.80'on flat winder and flight straps..$75.00

HANDLES: Accessory handles for replacement or personal preference.

#101. Basic wooden Strobe Stix...............................$9.00
#104. Line Minder. Flat line storage for 2 to 4 lines........$6.00
#105. Finger Straps. Used with Mini Line Minder for small stunters or
low/no wind flying...........................................$7.00
#106. Flight Straps. Comfortable wrist straps for all light to medium pull 2
          line kites. Used with Mini or standard Line Minders...$15.00
#107. Padded Straps. Ideal for bigger power kites..............$25.00

Padded flying straps:

TAILS: Accessory tails add style and stability, making any kite easier to fly, if not normally equipped with a tail. 
#110. 10m multi colour single strand ripstop nylon.............$25.00
#111. 18m rainbow parka nylon........................................$45.00

Parka Nylon 114cm wide: various colours $5.00/m or 1.5m width $7.50/m
Contender "Eagle Cloth" 3/4oz.R/S Nylon 150cm wide various $16.00/m
Chikara 3/4oz.R/S Nylon 150cm wide various colours $26.00/m
Icarex PC31 1/2oz R/S polyester/polycarbonate 100cm wide
limited colours $30.00/m
1.35mm Fibreglass Rod $2.00 per metre
2mm Fibreglass Rod $2.50/m
2.2mm Fibreglass Rod $2.50/m
3mm Fibreglass Rod $3.00/m
3mm Fibreglass Rod (Black) $3.00/m
3.15mm Fibreglass Rod $3.00/m
3.5mm Fibreglass Rod $3.50/m
4mm Fibreglass Rod $4.00/m
4.5mm Fibreglass Rod $4.50/m
6mm Fibreglass Rod $5.00/m
8mm Fibreglass Rod $6.00/m
Glaspar("S"Glass/epoxy filament wound thin walled fibreglass tube)
A20 Glaspar x 82.5cm (6.4mmO.D.) $10.00
C30 Glaspar x 82.5cm (7mmO.D.)  $13.00
E40 Glaspar x 82.5cm (7.5mmO.D.) $13.00
G50 Glaspar x 82.5cm (8mmO.D.) $14.00
J65 Glaspar x 85.5cm (8.5mmO.D.) $14.00
K75 Glaspar x 85.5cm (8.9mmO.D.) $14.00
FL370 Glaspar x 138.4cm (9.3mmO.D.) $25.00
FL414 Glaspar x 138.4cm (10.4mmO.D.) $27.00
FL505 Glaspar x 138.4cm (12.8mmO.D.) $31.00
FL610 Glaspar x 198cm (15.3mmO.D.) $45.00
FL411 Glaspar x 82.5cm $20.00
(10.2mmO.D.: thicker walled internal ferrule joiner for FL505)
4mm x 82.5cm Exel Carbon Tube$7.50
5mm x 82.5cm Exel Carbon Tube $8.50
5.5mm x 82.5cm Exel Carbon Tube $9.50
5.5mm x 1.5m Pultrex Carbon Tube $24.00

6mm Strong x 82.5cm Exel Carbon Tube $10.00
6mm Strong x 1.5m Exel Carbon Tube $18.00
6mm x 1.5m Pultrex Carbon Tube $25.00
8mm x 82.5cm Exel Carbon Tube $20.00
8mm x 1.25m Exel Carbon Tube $25.00
8mm x 1.5m Exel Carbon Tube $30.00
10mm x 1.25m Exel Carbon Tube $25.00
10mm x 1.5m Exel Carbon Tube $30.00
Larger sizes available by special order

1.5mm x 1m Exel Carbon Rod $6.00
2mm x 1m Exel Carbon Rod $8.00
3mm x 1m Exel Carbon Rod $8.00
4mm x 1m Exel Carbon Rod $10.00
6mm x 1m Exel Carbon Rod $18.00
8mm x 1m Exel Carbon Rod $32.00
12mm x 1m Exel Carbon Rod $60.00

Wrapped Graphite Tube REV1 8.1mm x 91.5cm $48.50
Wrapped Graphite Tube REV1.5 8mm x 79cm $15.00
Wrapped Graphite Tube REV2 7.8mm x 94.2cm $30.00
Wrapped Graphite Tube REV2 short 7.8mm x 61.2cm $20.00
Wrapped Graphite Tube REV EXP Spar  $15.00
Wrapped Graphite Tube REV EXP Spar with Ferrules  $18.00
Wrapped Graphite Tube REV Shockwave or Supersonic L/E Spar  $28.00
Wrapped Graphite Tube REV Shockwave or Supersonic L/E Spar with Ferrules  $30.00
Wrapped Graphite Tube REV Shockwave or Supersonic down tubes  $14.00

EXTERNAL JOINER FERRULES (mm size = spar size)
Ferrules 2mm Tube Brass $1.00
Ferrules 3mm Tube Brass $2.00
Ferrules 4mm Tube Brass $2.00
Ferrules 5mm Tube Ali $2.00
Ferrules 5mm Tube Ali $3.00
Ferrules 6mm Tube Ali $3.00
Ferrules 8mm Flexi Tube Brass Thick Wall $5.00
Ferrules 8mm Tube Brass $2.00
Ferrules 10mm Tube Brass $3.00
Ferrules 12mm Tube Brass $3.00

Leading Edge Connector 2x4 $1.50
Leading Edge Connector 2x5 $1.50
Leading Edge Connector 2x6 $1.50
C-QUAD Connector C-Quad L/E to Spine $2.00

3x4mm Crossjoint $2.50
3x5mm  Crossjoint $2.50
3x5.5mm Crossjoint $2.50
3x5.9mm Crossjoint $2.50
3x4mm T-Joint $2.50
3x5.5mm T-Joint $2.50
3x5.9mm T-Joint   $2.50
Nylon Centre Joint Hexagonal 6mm  $15.00
Nylon Centre Joint Octagonal 6mm $15.00

NCA20 Hard Nock Cap  $2.00
NCA30 Hard Nock Cap  $2.00
NCG50 Hard Nock Cap  $2.50
NCJ65 Hard Nock Cap  $2.50
NCK750 Hard Nock Cap  $2.00
NFL370 Hard Nock Cap  $2.50
.2160 Hard Nock Cap  $2.00
.2200 Hard Nock Cap $2.00
3mm Split Nock  $0.55
4mm Split Nock $0.60
5mm Split Nock $0.75
5.5mm Split Nock $1.00
6mm Split Nock $1.00
8mm Split Nock $1.00
9mm Split Nock $1.50
10mm Split Nock $1.50
11mm Split Nock $1.50
12mm Split Nock $2.00

1.6mm Black Vinyl Soft End Cap $0.20
2mm Black Vinyl Soft Endcap $0.20
2.3mm Black Vinyl Soft End Cap $0.20
2.9mm Black Vinyl Soft End Cap $0.20
3mm Black Vinyl Soft Endcap $0.20
3.2mm Black Vinyl Soft End Cap $0.20
4.0mm Black Vinyl Soft End Cap $0.20
5.0mm Black Vinyl Soft End Cap $0.20
5.0mm Thickened Black Vinyl Soft End Cap $0.20
6.0mm Thickened Black Vinyl Soft End Cap $0.20
6mm Black Vinyl Soft Endcap $0.20
7.1mm Thickened Black Vinyl Soft End Cap $0.20
8.0mm Thickened Black Vinyl Soft End Cap $0.20
8mm Vinyl Endcap $0.25
9mm Vinyl Endcap $0.30
12mm Vinyl Endcap $0.45

5x3mm Stand-off Connector $1.00
5.5x3mm Stand-off Connector $1.00
6x3mm Stand-off Connector $1.00
Sail Grabber: 3mm $1.50
Fold-Over Sail Grabber: 3mm $2.25
2-4mm Spargrabber $1.00
Spar Grabber: 5.5mm $1.50
2-6mm Spargrabber $1.00
3mm Heavy Duty Plastic Exel Dihedral $2.00
4mm Heavy Duty Plastic Exel Dihedral $2.00
5mm Heavy Duty Plastic Exel Dihedral $2.50
6mm Heavy Duty Plastic Exel Dihedral $2.50
7mm Heavy Duty Plastic Exel Dihedral $2.50
8mm Heavy Duty Plastic Exel Dihedral $3.00
10mm Heavy Duty Plastic Exel Dihedral $4.00
12mm Heavy Duty Plastic Exel Dihedral $4.00

2mm Bungy Cord $3.00/m
40kg B/S Braided Black Bridle Line Polyester $0.60/m
70kg B/S Braided Black Bridle Line Polyester $0.75/m
8.89kg(20lb) Black Dacron Line $0.12/m
8.89kg(20lb) Braided Dacron Line $0.10/m
13.3kg(30lb) Black Dacron Line $0.15/m
13.3kg(30lb) Braided Dacron Line $0.10/m
22.2kg(50lb) Braided Dacron Line $0.15/m
35.6kg(80lb) Black Dacron Line $0.22/m
35.6kg(80lb) Braided Dacron Line $0.20/m
44.4kg(100lb) Braided Dacron Line $0.20/m
57.78kg(130lb) Black Dacron Line $0.31/m
57.78kg(130lb) Braided Dacron Line $0.25/m
88.89(200lb) Braided Dacron Line $0.30/m
111.1kg(250lb) Braided Dacron Line $0.40/m
222.2(500lb) Braided Dacron Line $0.70/m

NOTE: Not everything here is always in stock but may be on the way to us when you order it!   Prices are subject to change without notice!
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