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Novices single line kites


#8. SWALLOW. 75m W/span beautiful dancing cresent kite with 2 tassels off each wingtip and a 2.5m tail. Parka nylon skin and fibreglass spars. Light to moderate winds. $37 (with line)

sunrise delta: Sunrise delta

#10. SUNRISE DELTA. 1.4m W/span, 3 colour parka nylon skin with fibreglass frame. A great flier and very popular. Light to fresh winds. $39 (with line)

#11. KORU. 1.4m W/span, printed Koru design. 1 colour parka nylon skin with fiberglass frame. $39 (with line)

#12. POPIT FOIL. 8m W/span sled type parafoil, in ripstop nylon with belt-looped pouch, making it great for trampers. Light to moderate winds. $45 (with line)

#13. SOARING DELTA WING. 1.64m W/span, 3 colour parka nylon skin and fibreglass frame. Excellent all round delta with great stability. Light to strong winds. $65 (with line)

#15. 5m SERPENT. 4m W/span and 5m tail, parka nylon skin and fibreglass frame. Spectacular traditional kite, fully assembled and easy to fly. Moderate to fresh winds. $45 (with line)

#16. TRAID BOX KITE (Prism) A small travelling 3 sided box kite, light weight, tumbles well.
Carbon frame in polycarbonate tube (last one!) $60 Special!
b). New model fibreglass frame, bag $40.00

#17. STOWAWAY DIAMOND (Prism) 70cm wingspan folding fibreglass frame, art printed ripstop skin and tail, line and bag. Very compact travelling kite!  $45

#18. P5 PARAFOIL. 5 sq ft , 4 celled foil in U/L ripstop polyester. Top quality pocket kite. Light to strong winds. $85 (with line)

#19. P7 PARAFOIL. 7 sq ft , bigger version of the previous kite. Light to strong winds. $110 (with line) skycrow: Skycrow

#20. SKY CROW. Ripstop nylon skin and fibreglass frame. Designed to fly unattended in the widest weather conditions. For vineyards, orchards and gardens as a bird scarier, great flying kite too! Light to strong winds.
Skycrow kite only : 152cm wingspan, 80cm height    $60  (#3 line $6 extra)
b).   Skycrow kite with collapsible 5m pole, h/d fibreglass ground post $140
c).   Skycrow birdscarer set with stainless steel swivel mount base, bird, pole   $295

#21. FISHING KITE. 2m W/span  delta kite in ripstop nylon and fibreglass/Glaspar frame. A robust, light weight, stable flying kite designed to pull out a long line in offshore winds. Complete with tacking line and  instructions. Light to strong winds. $149 (kite only)

You can visit me at the Saturday Market stall, at home by appointment, or contact us by phone, fax or email. Please note that any prices quoted here are in New Zealand Dollars. GST tax content can be taken off for export. We can send export orders via NZ Post Airmail or air freight.


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